Stardust Orchestra Photographs

 Performance pictures - The Stardust Orchestra in action!

 Photos taken by Richard DeAsla and Corky Burt of Bluffton.  South Carolina.

The musicians of The Stardust Orchestra, whether they spent their careers as music educators, performers, or professionals in other fields, all share a passion for big band music.  



This is a portion of the orchestra's great saxophone section. 

 Penny Lynn Smith brings a great personality to her vocal styling.

David Fleming plays a sweet trumpet solo. 

 The Stardust trumpet and trombone sections in action!

Rick Hungerford, the orchestra's general manager, solos on trumpet. 

John Emerson plays the piano with great energy and feeling, enhancing the overall sound of the orchestra. 

Dave McMullen is a long time professional musician.  He plays both alto saxophone and clarinet in the group.






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